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Dragon's Birthday Heist book cover

Dragon's Birthday Heist

He might be a gift from the gods, because this Dragon's favorite flavor is birthday girl!

If he hadn’t foiled her infiltration of the FBI’s most wanted gang, Ella might’ve mistaken the sexy sheriff for a birthday gift from the gods. Too bad his quick moves couldn’t save her cover. Now she’s off the case. At least she won’t see him ever again.

From the moment her sweet scent called him into the heist, Reuben knew the Fates made this fiery beauty especially for him.

Turns out, his favorite flavor is birthday girl.

If you love steamy, instalove, dragon shifter romances, with alpha males, fated mates, and happily ever afters, then don’t miss this action packed tale.

Wolf's Claim book cover

Wolf's Claim

When women go missing, wolves go a hunting...

   Paxtyn woke snuggled in warmth. The musty scent of rain and forest comforted her, and she snuggled closer, her fingers entwined in soft fur. Startled, she opened her eyes and struggled to focus. Memories came rushing at her in disorienting flashes, and she noticed the weight on her abdomen. Fear gripped her as she studied the wolf she was all wrapped up in and the cage that surrounded them. There was no hope of escape.